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The critically acclaimed blog stylings of Miss Teen "Don't Ooze On Me"
Aug 27 '14

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Aug 25 '14
Aug 24 '14


Aug 20 '14

Several of my favorite people just crawled into my bed and attempted to do somersaults onto me while I tried to sleep!! Outrageous

Aug 20 '14


the funniest hobby that has become “cool” is definitely beekeeping

its good for the bees and you get to wear a big white suit!!

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Aug 20 '14

im thinkng about watching princess diaries and not doing my homework. i want to socialize and put off all my chores. i am young, i am 11

Aug 19 '14
"Run into a cave and break your ankle so that people have to come find you and they see you lying at the bottom of this beautiful cave and maybe there’s a waterfall and the light from the crystals makes you look really beautiful and they say “Are you okay?” and you say “I think so” and they say “oh my God have you been here alone this whole time with a broken ankle” and you say “it’s okay” and they say “you’re so brave” and you are brave and you look so beautiful surrounded by cave crystals and everyone stands over you and says “oh wow” and “you poor beautiful thing” and “I’m so sorry we let you run into the cave but I’m so glad we found you” and let them carry you home and promise to be your best friends forever and that everything’s their fault and also they named the cave after you and you’re prettier than all of your enemies and your enemies all died of jealousy while you were in the cave."
Aug 18 '14


the fire challenge, with a mouth full of cinnamon, running under an ice bucket

Aug 18 '14

-me dog and egg

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Aug 17 '14


My entire body hurts. I don’t want to fight my friends!

we will fight